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Consultation on proposed Special conditions for society lotteries

28 February 2018

At the PSA, we are committed to furthering the consumer interest through encouraging competition, innovation and growth in the market. We have a track record of creating the right regulatory environment to do this. Charity text donations, for example, have been a huge success, generating over £110 million pounds for good causes last year.

Society lotteries could also benefit from phone payment, opening it up to new consumers and incentivizing people to give with prizes and games. We are therefore pleased to announce a new consultation. We are proposing to introduce new special conditions for society lotteries services that bring together different regulatory requirements together in one place.

Consultation on society lottery services and adoption of Special conditions

Notice of Special conditions for Society lottery services

Statement on introducing Special conditions for Society lottery services

Responses to the consultation:


Claire House Childrens Hospice

Hospice Lotteries Association

Institute of Fundraising IoF

Open Mobile Global


Sterling Management

The Lotteries Council