Consultation on changes to regulatory framework for ICSS

29 April 2019

The proposals are intended to improve the information about these services that is given to consumers, both in search results and on service websites, to make it clearer that they are third parties and that calls via an ICSS may be more expensive than calling the desired number directly.

These proposals follow changes in January 2019 to extend the scope of Ofcom’s Premium Rate Service Condition to include all ICSS within the definition of controlled premium rate services.

This extended PSA regulation to all ICSS irrespective of the number range they are operating on. 

This consultation proposes that the PSA’s Special conditions for ICSS should apply to all ICSS, regardless of number range.

To respond to the consultation, please use this response form. The consultation is open until 10 June 2019.

9 October 2019 update:

Statement on changes to regulatory framework for ICSS and further consultation on Special conditions

Notice of Special conditions - ICSS after consultation


Responses to the consultations:

We have also received some responses which have been considered as part of this review but which at the request of the respondent have not been published.


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