Consultation on the Business Plan and Budget 2021/22

10 December 2020

We aim to build consumer trust in phone-paid services and ensure they are well-served through supporting a healthy market that is innovative and competitive. In pursuit of this, the draft Business Plan and Budget sets out our priorities, proposed activity and required budget for FY21/22.

Our priority for the year will be developing and beginning to implement a new Code of Practice. Our new Code will introduce standards in place of outcomes, focus on the prevention of harm rather than cure and be simpler to implement and comply with.  

The PSA budget to be funded by the industry levy is £3,878,290, which based on the expected size of the market will mean the unadjusted levy rate is 0.83%. In recent years this rate has fallen to a broadly consistent level, reflecting the real terms savings in the PSA budget and growth in the market since 2015/16.

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The consultation closes on 21 January 2021.

Full consultation document.


Update (29 March 2021):

Here is our final consultation statement and here are the consultation responses:

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