We are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill.
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Latest updates
  • The future of phone-paid services regulation News | 24 May 2022
    The Phone-paid Services Authority, the organisation which regulates premium rate services, and Ofcom have announced today that regulatory responsibility will transfer to Ofcom in late 2023, subject to further DCMS approval. From that point, the PSA would cease to operate as an independent body.
  • PSA publishes minor changes to section 3.13 of Code 15 News | 20 April 2022
    Following public consultation and Ofcom approval, we are publishing small clarificatory changes to section 3.13 of Code 15. These amendments will come into force on 18 May 2022.
  • Code 15 comes into force today News | 05 April 2022
    15th Code of Practice now in force!

For consumers

What is PRS
What are phone-paid services?

Phone-paid services is the name given to all content, goods, or services charged to a phone bill. In law they are referred to as premium rate services.

Why have I been charged?

Phone payment is a popular and effective way of paying for a wide range of content goods and services.

What next?
5 tips to stay in control of your phone charges

Did you know that you can pay for services on your phone bill, just like you would with your bank card or PayPal account?

For business

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New to the industry?

When you launch a new service in the phone-paid services market, there are five key steps which you need to take.

Code of Practice
Code 15

Code 15 is the new PSA Code of Practice which sets out Standards and Requirements that providers of phone-paid services must comply with. This replaces Code 14 and came into force on 5 April 2022.

Stay compliant
Staying compliant

No matter what kind of phone-paid service you’re operating, it’s important that you stay up-to-date with PSA regulation and keep your service compliant.