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Numbers Plus Ltd

Publication date 03 November 2022
Case reference  179345
Procedure Enforcement
Adjudicated party Numbers Plus Ltd
Tribunal's final assessment Very Serious
Sanctions Code 15 - 5.8.5 (a)
Code 15 - 5.8.5 (b)
Code 15 - 5.8.5 (d)
Code 15 - 5.8.5 (g)
Code 15 - 5.8.5 (h)
Code 15 - 5.8.8 (c)
Breaches raised Code 14 - 3.1.3 General Responsibilities
Code 13 - 3.1.3 General Responsibilities

This case was brought against Numbers Plus Ltd (“the Network operator”) under Paragraph 5.4 of the 15th Edition of the Code of Practice (“the Code”).

The case concerned the adequacy of the risk assessment and control (DDRAC) measures put in place by the Network operator between April 2015 and 18 February 2022. 

The Tribunal concluded that the seriousness of the case should be regarded overall as very serious.  

Sanctions imposed

a formal reprimand 

a requirement that the Network operator remedy the breach by ensuring that its DDRAC processes and procedures are in line with the requirements of Code 15, in particular conducting regular monitoring and ensuring that incidents are responded to

a requirement that the Network operator submits some or all categories of its services and/or promotional material to the PSA, or a third party, for compliance advice and for prior permission from the PSA for a period of three and a half years. Any compliance advice given by the PSA must be implemented within a specified period to the satisfaction of the PSA. 

a requirement that the Network operator is prohibited from providing or having any involvement in any PRS or promotion for three years and until the PSA is satisfied that the breaches have been remedied and the compliance advise is fully implemented. The prohibition sanction is suspended for three months in accordance with paragraph 496 of the Supporting Procedures for existing clients only.

a requirement that the Network operator is prohibited from contracting with any specified person registered (or who should be registered) in the PSA Register at all, for a period of three years

a fine of £400,000.00.

The Network operator is required to pay 100% of the administrative charge. 

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