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We offer both general and sector specific Guidance for PRS providers to assist in delivering compliant services and drive up consumer confidence in a healthy and innovative market. Use the links below to explore the guidance.

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New to the industry?

Introductory support
Helpful Guidance for start-ups

Setting up a phone-paid service?

Live chat
Psychic service
Advice Services
Charitable Donations
In-app Purchases
Information Services & DQ
Call routing
Virtual Chat & Dating Services
Mobile & Digital content

Looking to understand the PRS compliance standards?

Compliance standards
Level 1 providers – aggregation services/intermediary information
Customer Support
Privacy Requirements

Looking for the full suite of code and guidance?

Our Code and Supporting Procedures
The Guidance
Special Conditions
Compliance updates
Under the Code of Practice we have the ability to, from time to time, issue and/or amend non-binding compliance advice concerning any provisions of the Code ... find out more

General and sector specific guidance to support the Code of Practice