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How we can help

The Phone-paid Services Authority has been approved by Ofcom as the regulator of phone-paid services in the UK. We can help you by:

Dealing with your enquiry
Whether you submit an enquiry online or over the phone with a Customer Services officer, we will either look into the matter on your behalf or refer you to the right organisation who can help you. For more information on what happens after you submit your enquiry with us, please see
Making an enquiry.

Taking measures against service providers
In cases where service providers are not operating as per the Code of Practice requirements, we have various ways of dealing with the matter but we may consider taking the service provider to a Tribunal. If a Tribunal decides a service provider has breached the Code of Practice, it can impose sanctions that range from ordering the provider to issue refunds to consumers to imposing a fine or barring the running of the service. All the Tribunal adjudications are published on our website and are available for anyone to check.

See what consumers we've helped are saying about us:

    ''Thanks for sorting out my issue with the overcharge. My query was
dealt with effectively, you have explained yourselves and the timescales were
communicated clearly and concisely''      


     ''Thank you for your efforts in dealing with my issue. The information given to me by the Phone-paid Services Authority was not only clear and accurate but also courteous. I have limited
computer skills and the information you needed was beyond my abilities to deliver.
Your patience was much appreciated.''     


''I am very pleased with the outcome of my complaint. It did take some time to arrive
at this point, however I was kept fully appraised as the process was proceeding.
I think you should promote this service more as I have been telling people I complained and although many have had similar experiences, they were unaware of your service.
Thank you very much for the assistance provided.
I am glad you offer this service and was very pleased that some of these less reputable companies are held accountable.''

''Thank you so much for investigating this issue for me and others like myself. I thank you sincerely for putting my mind to rest and for your continued support in putting wrong to right.''



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