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Industry Liaison Panel (ILP)

The Industry Liaison Panel (ILP) is an advisory panel facilitating a two-way communication between the phone-paid services industry and the Phone-paid Services Authority. The panel exists to identify emerging trends and issues and to ensure regulation is well informed though early sharing of concerns, information, ideas and proposals. The work of the ILP assists the Phone-paid Services Authority in delivering its vision through improved compliance in the market.


  • To prioritise the sharing of data regarding new technologies and or business models as seen by both industry and the Phone-paid Services Authority.
  • To discuss potential threats as seen by both sides, enabling the early warnings of new issues and faster responses by industry and the Phone-paid Services Authority, with the aim to reduce the number of serious scams within the sector.
  • For industry to advise the Phone-paid Services Authority on issues relating to the development of regulation including informal pre-consultation.
  • To act as a key forum (one of a number) for the Phone-paid Services Authority to raise and inform on matters relevant to all commercial stakeholders.
  • To receive presentations and intelligence from ILP members or invited guests on directional issues and external forces affecting the market.
  • To feed learnings from the meetings into regulatory development and policy and the Code Adjudication Panel and to inform and influence all key stakeholder groups.
  • Annually, to receive and comment on a presentation of the Phone-paid Services Authority budget.
  • To consider and advise the Phone-paid Services Authority on suggestions for improvements to the collection arrangement for the Phone-paid Services Authority Levy fines.


Meetings are open to one representative from each of the trade bodies and industry sectors accepted for membership by Phone-paid Services Authority and includes the industry representatives from the Phone-paid Services Authority Board and members of the senior Phone-paid Services Authority Executive.

The nominated trade body attendee should be in good standing with the Phone-paid Services Authority and should not have direct company association with any service provider or network whose breach record with the Phone-paid Services Authority is such that their membership of the ILP would undermine its integrity. Such matters will be judged on their merits by the collective membership of the ILP and the Phone-paid Services Authority. The Chairman will be appointed by the membership and be from industry.