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Vulnerability guidance is now available

13 June 2016

Today we launch our Vulnerability guidance to help PRS providers prevent consumer harm before launching and while running a service, which we developed in collaboration with industry members, consumer groups and digital content providers.

We designed this guidance to help providers take steps in making sure premium rate services stays compliant with the Code of Practice and maintain the reputation of the PRS industry. It features:

  • a clear definition of vulnerable consumers
  • the risk factors to take into consideration before and after starting a PRS service
  • practical examples of scenarios involving vulnerable consumers using  PRS services.

You can access the Vulnerability guidance here.

You can access the statement following the consultation on Vulnerability guidance here.

You can access the statement with markups following consultation on Vulnerability guidance here.

For more details please see our blog post on the Vulnerability guidance.

The following consultation responses were received:







Mike Ward