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Compliance FAQs

What are the benefits of obtaining compliance advice?
We give free advice and has staff to answer your questions in order to help you run a compliant service, which is good for your business and good for consumers. We can advise on the Code of Practice, previous cases and a wide range of current issues.
How long will it take?
We aim to process requests for compliance advice within 5 working days. If a response is required quickly we will endeavour to provide a faster response.
What if I don't agree with the suggested changes?
The advice given by the Executive is purely advice, not an instruction; but, if you choose to ignore advice given by the Executive and at a later date your service is investigated by the Executive having identified concerns, a Tribunal may take this into account when considering the case.
What if I'm already running the promotional material?
The Executive recommends that you seek advice before running promotional material. Changes to promotions can be costly and a running campaign will not stop your service being investigated by the Phone-paid Services Authority.
Can you advise me on the content of the service?
Yes, we often check the content of services, such as scripts for example in addition to checking the promotional material for a service.
Will seeking compliance advice stop me breaching the Code of Practice (the “Code”)?
The advice provided by the Phone-paid Services Authority Executive is not binding on a Tribunal, however, the Executive will be able to advise you on potential breaches of the Code and previous cases which have raised similar issues. If breaches of the Code are raised any advice given is likely to be taken into account by a Tribunal considering any breaches raised against you.
Can the Phone-paid Services Authority advise me on the legality of my promotional material?
We are not able to advise on matters of legality. Whenever there is an issue of whether a service complies with the law, providers are directed to seek their own expert legal advice for example, on issues concerning competition legality.
Will my proposed promotional material and/or service remain confidential?
The Phone-paid Services Authority is bound by confidentiality and data protection laws and therefore any information supplied to the Phone-paid Services Authority will be kept in confidence. However, please see paragraph 1.6 of the Code for further information, which sets out the circumstances when we may divulge confidential information. Should you have any queries regarding compliance please email the team on