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Complaint Resolution FAQs

The Contact Assessment Team’s aim is to work with service providers to gather information regarding the promotion and operation of services to ensure they are operating compliantly. In addition they will highlight any concerns identified to the provider.

In some instances, by working together with providers, we are able to address and resolve potential non-compliance without an investigation under the Code.

How does it work?
We will normally contact the provider outlining the nature of the apparent problem. Where a problem is alerted to us by a consumer enquiry, our notification gives the provider the opportunity to provide redress if it is believed the provider may have caused the issue. It also gives the provider the opportunity to take robust remedial action to make sure the identified problems do not continue or arise in the future.
Am I being formally investigated?
Contact Assessment is separate to the Investigations process. If the issues identified with a service are swiftly resolved during the Contact Assessment processes they are less likely to be subject to a formal investigation or a Tribunal adjudication and if so, no sanctions will be imposed by a Tribunal.

However if for instance a provider fails to cooperate with the Contact Assessment process or the potential for consumer harm is significant, their service may be investigated formally.
How do you decide whether to open a formal investigation? Is a formal investigation triggered once the Phone-paid Services Authority receives a certain number of complaints?
All examples of potential non-compliance, whether it is identified by proactive monitoring of the market by the Phone-paid Services Authority or via consumer complaints, are assessed according to the allocation criteria set out in our Supporting Procedures, and a regulatory response will be decided for each case. We apply a fair and proportionate approach to cases. We decide whether to investigate a service based on an assessment of the allocation criteria as a whole, and not solely on the number of consumer contacts we have received.
If I work with your complaint resolution process will my name be published on your website?
When a provider works with us to resolve a compliance issue we keep a record of any correspondence, but do not publish details of the resolution. Details of correspondence may however later be published if, for instance, a Tribunal finds that a provider continued to breach the Code of Practice after offering assurances to the Phone-paid Services Authority that they had remedied any consumer harm or breaches.