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What is it?

Payforit is a third party service allowing users to purchase online digital content and services such as videos and games, with the cost being charged to their mobile phone bill or deducted from their prepaid balance.

What does it do?

The principle behind Payforit is that it provides frictionless payments that improve customers' experiences by not requiring them to use a credit card, sign-up or register any details in order to use the service.

How does it look like?

Below is an example of the journey of a consumer who uses the Payforit service to make a payment. (Please note this is just an example. Payforit is used for paying for a range of goods and services, not just quizzes and competitions.)

qq comp


A very short video from txtnation showing a Payforit transaction:

What happens next after the purchase through Payforit?

If you make an entry to the competition provided in this example by clicking on either 'Barcelona' or 'Portugal', then the mobile payment provider will charge to your mobile bill or PAYG credit.

How does it appear in your bill?

Depending on your telephone provider, the bill will show the Payforit charge in any of these ways:

  • 'Payforit' with or without a billing description
  • The name of the phone-paid service provider
  • 'Phone-paid Service Mobile Terminated Shortcode Message from [NUMBER]*'
  • 6 digit long number usually beginning with 8
  • 8 digit long number usually beginning with 3
  • 9 digit long number usually beginning with 7.

Bill descriptions vary from one telephone provider to the other and if you're unsure of what a charge or number or your bill is, remember you can always enquire it with your telephone provider.

  • If you're not sure on the cost of a number, please use our #NumberChecker to find out more information about it.


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