Does my service benefit from an exemption?

We estimate that up to a third of the phone-paid service market is eligible for an exemption from registration with us or from paying the registration fee. There are also exemptions from specific Code provisions available for certain categories of services that we believe can comply with certain outcomes of the Code through other means. It’s worth your while to check to see if your company or service is exempt.

Current registration exemptions:

You are exempt from registering with the PSA if you:

  •  are operating a service on the 087 number range, unless your service is subject to Special conditions.

You are exempt from paying the registration fee if you:

  • have revenue below £10,000 per year. In this case registration is free for the first year, but after the first year you need to pay the renewal fee.

  • are a registered charity operating a phone-paid service.

Current Code provision exemptions:

Notification of exemption for Level 2s operating through approved Level 1s

Notification of exemption for app developers and app stores

Notification of exemption for specified lower cost service types

We also welcome exemption requests

We’re committed to ensuring our regulation does not get in the way of services that consumers want and enjoy. If you do have an exemption to discuss, contact our compliance department. You’ll need to identify what the barrier is and have thought about how you will meet the relevant Code outcome by other means. We can then discuss the best way forward.