Board and Code Adjudication Panel

The Board is accountable for the performance of the PSA and oversees the strategic direction of the organisation. The Board consists of the Chair and four remunerated non-executive members and the Chief Executive of the PSA. All Board members' conduct is governed by the Board handbook and Code of Conduct and they are required to complete their declarations of interest. In carrying out its duties, the Board is supported by two sub-committees, responsible for either carrying out a specifically delegated function of the Board or providing advice to the Board on areas requiring more in-depth and specialist analysis.

The Code Adjudication Panel (CAP) is responsible for the Phone-paid Services Authority’s adjudicatory function.

The CAP is made up of a maximum of 17 people, from which three members are drawn to form the Phone-paid Services Authority’s Tribunals, which hear and adjudicate on cases against phone-paid services providers that the Phone-paid Services Authority suspects to be in breach of its Code of Practice.

The CAP's decision-making process is independent of the Phone-paid Services Authority, with the members (pictured below) being appointed for their specialist legal and adjudicatory experience.

To find out more please see the Code Adjudication Panel Members handbook.