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Our latest industry forum

26 November 2014, Peter Morton, Head of Communications
PhonepayPlus Forum November 2014

Last Thursday, PhonepayPlus held a forum for the premium rate services industry at Congress Centre in London. Twice a year we hold a meeting for the whole industry to get together and put their views to PhonepayPlus.
Some particularly interesting points were made in the afternoon’s discussions. In light of the ongoing changes in the market, this forum was themed around supporting innovation with proportionate regulation and began with a presentation by our Acting Chief Executive Jo Prowse.
In her keynote, Jo outlined PhonepayPlus’ commitment to the principles of collaborative working, flexibility and proportionate regulation. PhonepayPlus is guided by these principles in deciding the best course of action to take to ensure consumer protection and provide flexibility in a rapidly changing market.
In keeping with this principle of collaborative working, we were fortunate to have speakers from across the industry and from Ofcom join our panels on non-geographic call services and on innovation in digital and premium rate services. The Q&A sessions throughout the afternoon allowed for interesting points to be raised by both the audience and speakers. A few of them were tweeted live during the event.
Take a look at Ofcom’s UK Calling website for more on the changes to non-geographic shortcodes that will come into force next year, and see Mark Collin’s presentation in the slide pack for more on PhonepayPlus’ response.
There was food for thought in the panel discussion on innovation in digital services and PRS, with representatives from Safari Mobile (Eric Feltin), Bango (Anil Malhotra), Vodafone UK (Jeremy-Stafford-Smith), AIME (Rory Maguire), chaired by PhonepayPlus Board member Hugh Griffiths. Among the points raised in the discussion between the panel and the audience were the potential future for PRS and quasi-physical goods and what they see as the benefits of regulatory certainty.
To find out more, you can download the slide pack for this event.

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