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Engaging with PhonepayPlus in 2016

22 January 2016, Jo Prowse, Chief Executive

Proposed 14th Code, Business Plan and Supporting Procedures
We want to hear from you on a number of pieces of work:

1) In November we published our proposed 14th Code of Practice following a review of our Part 4 investigation, adjudication and sanctions procedure. The deadline for responding to our consultation is 1st February 2016.

2) We have recently published draft Supporting Procedures to the proposed 14th Code of Practice. Whilst we are not consulting formally on the supporting procedures we will be happy to receive any comments from you.

3) In December we launched our proposed Business Plan and Budget 2016/17 consultation. The full details of the resources we require to regulate premium rate services can be found here. The deadline for responding is 29th January 2016.

Forum, Charities event and seminar series
Our Spring Forum is due to take place in early May and is one of a number of engagement events we are holding this year.

One such activity is our Charities seminar. The one day event is jointly organised by AIME (The Association for Interactive Media and Entertainment) and is taking place on 19th February in London. Sessions on the day will help charities who are considering or have started text based donations as part of their fundraising. More information and how to book can be found here.

Later in the year will also see the return of our series of seminars on aspects of our Code of Practice. These will cover subjects including changes to our investigations and sanctions procedures (Part 4 of the Code of Practice) and updated Guidance.

Ongoing industry engagement
Our Industry Liaison Panel meets quarterly and helps shape our ongoing work with industry. You can see what is discussed at ILP meetings through the minutes we publish on our ILP.

We meet regularly with Level 1 and Level 2 providers and network operators throughout the year with the output of these meetings feeding in to our wider policy and market compliance development.

Keep in contact
Remember to subscribe to our email list to receive information on regulatory developments, latest adjudications, general notices to industry and consultations.

Our Twitter and Facebook accounts also provide updates and links to our work and that of partner organisations.

The news and events pages of the website are worth checking regularly for further information.

If you have any thoughts or comments, please let us know below or as ever do get in touch with us directly.

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