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5 reasons why you should read our new Guidance consultation

17 February 2016, David Levitt, Senior Policy Executive
new guidance for consultation PhonepayPlus

We published five new or refreshed pieces of Guidance for consultation earlier this week.

The Guidance is aimed at providers of premium rate services and is designed to assist in delivering services in a clear and compliant manner to consumers.

Here are five reasons why you should read the Guidance and respond to the consultation:

  1. It’s easier to read
    We have shortened the length of the Guidance to make it clearer and more accessible, especially to new businesses entering the market.
  2. There’s a new piece of guidance
    Enabling consumer spend control Guidance has been produced to provide clarity on the ‘excessive use’ provision within our Code of Practice (Rule 2.3.6). The Guidance outlines how the ‘excessive use’ provision may be applied by PhonepayPlus. It also provides examples which may indicate excessive use by a consumer.
  3. It’s time to look again
    We have made updates to existing pieces of Guidance you may have been familiar with. Guidance on subscription services, methods of exit from a service, digital marketing and advice services have all been refreshed. It may be time for you to have another look. 
  4. Greater clarity on when Sector Specific Guidance is appropriate
    The consultation explains when we consider it appropriate to produce Sector Specific Guidance (see page 7 of the consultation document). For example, this could be when we receive feedback from industry on potentially complex issues with regulations, or when current Guidance does not appear to address issues in the market.
  5. Your chance to tell us what you think
    Do you think the level of information provided in Guidance is sufficient? Is there anything extra in terms of Guidance that could assist you in offering high-quality premium rate services? The consultation provides an excellent opportunity for you to tell us what you think.

You have until 11 April 2016 to respond. Further details about the consultation and how to respond can be found here.

Look out for a series of blogs we will be producing in the coming weeks. Each blog will focus on a specific part of changes to Guidance.

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