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New guidance on vulnerable consumers

12 June 2016, Jonathan Levack, Head of Policy Projects
vulnerability guidance

Our Code has specific protections in place for vulnerable consumers. Today we launch new Vulnerability guidance to help PRS providers avoid consumer harm before launching and while running a service. We designed this guidance to help you take steps in making sure your premium rate service stays compliant with the Code of Practice and maintains the reputation of the PRS industry. To have an all-round perspective, we developed the guidance in collaboration with industry members, consumer groups and digital content providers.

Vulnerability is complex. Indeed stakeholder feedback to the draft guidance highlighted that it is not always easy to identify whether a consumer is vulnerable when they first engage with a service. With this in mind we created the Vulnerability guidance to give you the tools you need to minimize the risk of taking unfair and often even unintended advantage of vulnerable consumers. It features:

  • a clear definition of vulnerable consumers
  • the risk factors to take into consideration before and after starting a PRS service
  • practical examples of scenarios involving vulnerable consumers using  PRS services.

Make sure you read the Vulnerability guidance whether you’re thinking of launching a premium rate service or you’re already running one. It’s short, practical, accessible and available here.

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