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Cătălina Ciontu

  • Avoid unexpected charges when calling customer services helplines

    Connection services charges
    10 April 2017

    Have you ever felt confused when looking up the contact number of a company, finding various telephone numbers and not knowing which one to choose? If you searched online for a contact number, you may have come across a connection service.

  • PhonepayPlus is supporting Safer Internet Day 2016

    02 February 2016

    PhonepayPlus is proud to support Safer Internet Day 2016, alongside over 750 organisations reaching millions of young people, parents and schools across the UK to promote a safe and responsible use of digital technology.

  • 2 things to keep in mind when using your mobile devices

    Action Fraud #UrbanFraudMyths campaign
    12 November 2015

    ActionFraud’s #UrbanFraudMyths campaign aimed at debunking urban myths about fraud and cyber crime briefly mentions some Wi-Fi and mobile device precautions to keep in mind.

  • Our new website

    23 July 2015

    As you might have noted already we have relaunched our PhonepayPlus website. The relaunch of our website is part of the changes PhonepayPlus is making to improve our regulatory framework...

  • Citizen’s Advice Scams Awareness month commences

    Citizen's Advice Scams Awareness commences
    15 July 2015

    The first week of July saw the launch of Citizens Advice’s Scams Awareness Month. The month is about creating a self-supporting network of confident, alert consumers.

  • UK Calling made simple for consumers

    Ofcom uk calling
    26 May 2015

    From 1 July 2015 call charges are changing, with a new system to make the cost of calling service numbers clear. Here are the key changes for consumers.

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