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David Levitt

  • Paying for digital goods and services via your phone bill

    Paying for digital goods and services via your phone bill
    05 July 2016, David Owen, Senior Communications Executive

    July is Citizens Advice’s Scams Awareness Month. Although, the vast majority of premium rate services are good businesses that serve consumers well, we receive a number contacts from people who do not realise they can pay for digital goods, content and services through their phone bill.

  • 5 reasons why you should read our new Guidance consultation

    new guidance for consultation PhonepayPlus
    17 February 2016, David Levitt, Senior Policy Executive

    We published five new or refreshed pieces of Guidance for consultation earlier this week. The Guidance is aimed at providers of premium rate services and is designed to assist in delivering services in a clear and compliant manner to consumers. 
    Here are five reasons why you should read the Guidance and respond to the consultation.

  • Industry seminars series on Code 13 now finished

    16 August 2015, David Levitt, Senior Policy Executive

    On 1 July PhonepayPlus launched its 13th Code of Practice, and published a range of Notices of special conditions and a new collection of guidance.

  • Are you ready for the new Code?

    23 June 2015, David Levitt, Senior Policy Executive

    Soon there will be a new Code of Practice for premium rate services. We are working to help industry get ready, and last week, we welcomed providers to the PhonepayPlus offices for the first of three Industry Seminars on the new Code and associated guidance.

  • Consumer credit and premium rate services

    18 December 2014, David Levitt, Senior Policy Exec

    Last week PhonepayPlus issued a final statement and guidance on consumer credit services operating on premium rate telephone lines. It’s an important but quite technical area, so I’d like to explain it in more detail for blog readers

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